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verified tenants

Did you know:

Evicting your tenant may cost up to $10,000 and take around 6 months?

How AFlat Trust Works

New Screening

Enter the applicant's email address and
choose a report bundle. Decide who pays
for the screening

Applicant Information

The applicant receives an invitation and
submits their details for the
background check. check.

Receive Screening Report

Obtain a comprehensive report on the
tenant's background and financial
status based on the selected package.

New Screening

Enter the applicant's email address and choose a report bundle. Decide who pays for the screening.

Screening Packages

Income Report

Confirm tenant earnings with swift income verification – essential for assessing financial stability.


  • ID Verification
  • Income Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • References
Choose a Plan

Background Report

Gain insight into tenant backgrounds with efficient checks, including Equifax credit reviews for trustworthy screenings.


  • ID Verification
  • Credit Score
  • Eviction
  • Criminal
  • References
Choose a Plan

Income + Background Report

Get a full tenant overview with combined background and income checks—essential insights within easy reach.


  • ID Verification
  • Income Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Credit Score
  • Eviction
  • Criminal
  • References
Choose a Plan
Best Value

Enhance trust, simplify your rental process, and gain
a competitive edge with verified tenants

  • References
  • Background Report
  • Income Verification

Gather references from previous landlords to confirm tenant's rental history.

  • Previous Landlord References
  • Timely Rent Payments
  • Lease Compliance
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How does Aflat's Tenant Trust work?

Our tenant screening process is simple. Landlords select the service package that meets their needs, tenants submit their information securely online, and landlords receive a comprehensive report. Our checks include credit, eviction history, income verification, and criminal background checks, where applicable. After landlords choose a package, tenants are invited to complete the necessary forms. The information is then verified, and a detailed report is generated, ensuring landlords have the insights needed to make informed rental decisions while maintaining tenant privacy and data security.

Is the tenant screening process secure?

Yes, our tenant screening process is highly secure. We use encrypted technology to protect your personal information and ensure privacy.

Can tenants view their own reports?

Absolutely, tenants can view their screening reports. After completing the process, tenants receive access to their reports for transparency and personal review.

How long does the tenant screening take?

Tenant screening typically takes a few minutes for background checks. References might take a few days depending on the landlord's response time.

How much do the services cost?

Our services are competitively priced:
Income Report: $19.90
Background Report: $29.90
Income + Background Report: $49.90

What are References?

References involve contacting previous landlords to evaluate the tenant's rental history, including rent payment punctuality, lease compliance, and property upkeep.

What is a Background Report?

A background Report includes a review of credit scores, eviction history, criminal records, and verification of identity to ensure tenant reliability.

What is Income Report?

Income Report confirms a tenant's financial stability by reviewing income sources, employment status, and overall financial health.

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