Our Aim: Make rentining easier.

AFlat is a community that connects renters and housing providers.

A huge portion of the rental market has remained unimaginative. And this is despite new opportunities for customer-centric systems.

You see…

The development sweeping through other sectors — providing advancements like self-driving cars, drones — and intuitive home automation seems to have skipped the renters.

Thus, most processes aren’t integrated to satisfy the full range of tenant and landlord needs.

AFlat flips this script. By using a user-first approach, we focus on prioritizing the needs of renters and housing providers and providing a seamless experience.

This way… Renters can use AFlat to find properties that match their needs, and landlords can find suitable tenants for their properties.

What are we doing about it?

You see…

Our user-first approach allows us to rethink how tenants and landlords interact with each other. We know that the current system is rife with stress, frustration, and the potential to overwhelm renters.


We flip the script by bringing innovative thinking and technological processes to the table. Now, both parties can rent and rent out in the most stress-free way. Tenants can complete a single digital qualification process and focus on selecting a property. Additionally, we give landlords a convenient way to find and connect with pre-qualified tenants who are read to move in.

Win - Win.

Our Origins

We started in the rental space two decades ago when renting was done either by placing an ad in the newspaper, sticking a sign on your lawn, or using a realtor.

AFlat was created to change that. "Flats" are the British equivalent of "apartments."

Our company is all about adapting new ideas to flip the script on the way things are usually done. So naturally, we decided to go with “Flats” as opposed to “apartments,” indicating that we are doing things a little differently, while also nodding to our company’s headquarters in New England. The A” in our name stands for ‘affordable’. Affordable does not have to mean settling for sub-par. For us, affordable is providing great value for the money. Thus, the Affordable Flat, became AFlat.

Meet Flattingham…Our Mascot

Flatworth is our website mascot, another nod to New England Massachusetts, where our company is based.

Instead of jumping through hoops to find the resources you need, Flatworth can step in. He can provide everything you’ll need, from informative blogs to insightful answers.

You’ll find him on our blog page, forums, Q&A sections and other places where he can be most useful to you.

Are you ready to make your renting process easier?

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renting reimagined.