Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What Does AFlat Do?

AFlat connects renters and landlords (it’s that simple!). All you have to do is create a profile and fill out your application to start. Then, housing providers come to you. Check out our “how it works” page to learn more.

How Do Housing Providers Find Me?

Once your profile is completed, landlords will be able to search and connect based on your needs and their housing availability. You will be able to show your rental requirements and amenities when you create your renters profile. Housing providers can see your renters profile, contact you, and schedule a tour at their rental if they think you are a good fit.

How do I fill out my profile and application?

It's simple. Sign in and there will be step by step to walk you through the process. You will be prompted along to fill in your information.

Do I have to fill out a new application for each rental?

No! That is the beauty of AFlat. We are providing you with the last rental application you’ll ever need! Once you have this filled out, landlords can contact you. You won’t have to fill out new applications, search for apartments, or feel stressed about finding a rental ever again!

Do I have to fill out my application immediately after creating a profile?

No. But, filling out your application gets you a pre-qualified badge. This helps show housing providers that you are serious about renting. Completing it will help you to find your new rental faster!

What is a pre-qualified badge?

Badges on your profile are visible to the potential housing providers. This will streamline the verification process and show that you have all required information and are ready to move in. The three badges you can receive are:
  • Move In Funds - this verifies that you have the money necessary to move
  • Application - this verifies that you have filled out all necessary information and you are serious about moving
  • Credit Score - this verifies that your credit check has been run and is available for housing providers to view

How do I find renters?

It is as simple as searching. Start by entering a location, a rent range, and the number of bedrooms you are trying to rent out. You can match prospective tenants with your property based on amenities, their credit, their income, and much more!

Do I need a profile to be a landlord on AFlat?

Yes, but it's very simple to get started. Just sign up and start searching! Once you find potential tenants that seem like a good fit, you can contact them. In order to contact tenants, you need a profile.

Do you run the credit and background checks on prospects?

Renters choose to run their background check in order to help them to be selected for a new apartment. You will see a credit Score badge on their profile in green that indicates that they have done the background verification. This can be viewed on their rental application.
Credit checks, criminal records, and eviction records are done by TransUnion. You may still request and run any additional background verifications as required by your rental.