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Important Rental Home Features

What are the top three features you look for in a rental home?


Top Red Flags When Screening Potential Tenants

Landlords, what are your top red flags when screening potential tenants? And have you ever regretted overlooking any of these signs in the past?


Can My Landlord Withhold My Security Deposit If There Are No Damages?

As a college student looking for the best possible housing at an affordable price, I renewed a lease on my current apartment for the upcoming year. Shortly after, I found a better apartment that suits my needs and budget. I'm nervous that if I break my upcoming lease I won't get my security deposit back. 

Does anyone know what my rights are as a tenant in this situation? I gave the landlord a 30-day notice that I was breaking the upcoming lease agreement, and it went smoothly, but I am yet to have received my security deposit back. There are no damages, and the other roommates I was living with are still going through with the upcoming lease agreement. As a full-time student who is financially independent, my savings do not cover what I need for the lease agreement I am currently trying to put into place with the new landlord. How can I ensure that I receive my security deposit back in a timely manner?


Fill Out The Last Rental Application You Will Ever Need with A"flat

Although they are an essential part of the rental process, filling out multiple rental applications when shopping for your dream apartment can be tedious. That’s where A’flat comes in handy!

Our streamlined process allows you to create your digital renter’s profile and fill out the last rental application you will ever need. From there, you can connect with landlords and send them your application directly through our platform. Plus, you can download your completed rental application as a pdf to send to property managers or landlords as an email.

Submitting your rental application has never been easier!

What Makes Our Rental Application Unique?

Thanks to A”Flat, filling out a rental application is as simple as completing a questionnaire. When you fill out your rental application with us, it will include your employment information and information from your background check. This can be shared with landlords or property managers by sending them your rental or downloading the printable pdf.

If you have roommates or co-signers, you can electronically send them the rental application with the click of a button! That way, they can fill out their own rental application, making apartment approval a breeze.

Another thing that makes A”Flat stand out is that it allows landlords to come to you through our easy-to-use platform. From there, they will offer you rental options that suit your qualifications, needs, and preferences. Long gone are the days of spending countless hours searching for the right apartment. With A”Flat, you can sit back and relax while your dream apartment comes to you.

Find Your Dream Apartment Today!

Thanks to A”Flat finding a rental is easier than ever before, thanks to our streamlined process. Check how it works at:


What Do Landlords Look for on Rental Applications?

First and foremost, landlords want to see that you have a steady income. They'll want to know how much you make and whether or not you have a job. They may also want to run a credit check to see if you're financially stable.

Many people need a co-signer to help them get approved for their future apartments. If you are looking for your first apartment, have poor credit, or pull in a low income, you will likely need a co-signer. This person is usually a parent, friend, or relative that will be listed on the lease along with the applicant. The co-signer will be screened for their credit score and income, along with the applicant. Both the tenant and the co-signer will be listed on the lease. Therefore, they will both be responsible for paying rent on time and covering any damages that might be incurred.

In addition, landlords will want to know about your rental history. They'll want to know if you've ever been evicted or if you've had any problems with previous landlords.

If you have roommates who will be living with you and are over 18 years old, they will need to fill out their own rental applications. The landlord or property manager will screen them in an individual process. They will also be financially responsible for paying rent or covering any potential damages.

Landlords will also want to know if you have any pets. If you do have pets, you should be prepared to provide any relevant details about them, such as breed, weight, age, and appearance. Keep in mind that not all landlords allow pets. If your landlord does allow them, you will need to be prepared to pay a pet fee at most places.

Finally, landlords will want to know what kind of person you are. They may ask you for character references from past roommates or neighbors. They may also ask you questions about your hobbies or interests.


What Questions Are Asked on Rental Applications?

If you're planning on renting an apartment, you can expect to be asked quite a few questions on your rental application. While every landlord is different, some common questions are often asked on rental applications. Here are the five main sections that you can expect to see on a rental application

1. Applicant Information - full name, DOB, contact information

2. Other Occupants - names of roommates, ages, occupations, Co-Signer info (if necessary)

3. Occupation of the Applicant - work situation, income details, financial information

4. Rental History - previous rentals, how long you stayed, why you’re moving

5. Background Check - criminal history, previous evictions, credit score, etc.

Answering these questions truthfully and accurately is crucial if you want to have a successful rental application. To verify your answers, be prepared to provide supporting documentation, such as pay stubs, bank statements, and official identification.


Why Are Rental Applications Important?

The rental application is important because it helps landlords screen tenants. Landlords want to make sure that their tenants can pay the rent on time and that they will take care of the property. The rental application helps landlords gather this information.

Essentially, the landlord is trying to understand the character of the future tenant before they decide if they are a good match. This helps them determine whether or not the tenant will take care of the property and pay rent on time.

If you're a tenant, it’s essential to fill out the rental application carefully and truthfully. It could make all the difference in whether or not you get the lease.


What documents do I need for my animal?


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