Fill Out The Last Rental Application You Will Ever Need with A"flat

Although they are an essential part of the rental process, filling out multiple rental applications when shopping for your dream apartment can be tedious. That’s where A’flat comes in handy!

Our streamlined process allows you to create your digital renter’s profile and fill out the last rental application you will ever need. From there, you can connect with landlords and send them your application directly through our platform. Plus, you can download your completed rental application as a pdf to send to property managers or landlords as an email.

Submitting your rental application has never been easier!

What Makes Our Rental Application Unique?

Thanks to A”Flat, filling out a rental application is as simple as completing a questionnaire. When you fill out your rental application with us, it will include your employment information and information from your background check. This can be shared with landlords or property managers by sending them your rental or downloading the printable pdf.

If you have roommates or co-signers, you can electronically send them the rental application with the click of a button! That way, they can fill out their own rental application, making apartment approval a breeze.

Another thing that makes A”Flat stand out is that it allows landlords to come to you through our easy-to-use platform. From there, they will offer you rental options that suit your qualifications, needs, and preferences. Long gone are the days of spending countless hours searching for the right apartment. With A”Flat, you can sit back and relax while your dream apartment comes to you.

Find Your Dream Apartment Today!

Thanks to A”Flat finding a rental is easier than ever before, thanks to our streamlined process. Check how it works at:

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