Can My Landlord Withhold My Security Deposit If There Are No Damages?

As a college student looking for the best possible housing at an affordable price, I renewed a lease on my current apartment for the upcoming year. Shortly after, I found a better apartment that suits my needs and budget. I'm nervous that if I break my upcoming lease I won't get my security deposit back. 

Does anyone know what my rights are as a tenant in this situation? I gave the landlord a 30-day notice that I was breaking the upcoming lease agreement, and it went smoothly, but I am yet to have received my security deposit back. There are no damages, and the other roommates I was living with are still going through with the upcoming lease agreement. As a full-time student who is financially independent, my savings do not cover what I need for the lease agreement I am currently trying to put into place with the new landlord. How can I ensure that I receive my security deposit back in a timely manner?

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